Charleston Place Community Pool Rules and Regulations

*For 2021 Pool Season:
Pool hours are 10AM - 9PM

External link opens in new tab or window **Please review these important 2021 Updated pool guidelines due to Covid-19

-->There is no saving pool tables/chairs.  You must be present in the pool area to keep your spots.  If you leave the pool gate area you must take your belongings with you.

IMPORTANT: All residents (Charleston and Wyndsor) must sign and agree to the rules and regulations to the pool prior to having their access card activated. *If you have paid and need to sign off on the pool rules, please External link opens in new tab or windowclick here and sign off on the pool rules in the google form.

2021 Charleston Community Pool Rules and Regulations

Pool hours are 10AM - 9PM - Members MUST exit the pool/tennis court gated recreational area BY 9:00PM. Gates lock at 9:00PM. YOU WILL GET LOCKED IN IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE BY 9:00PM!

The pool and tennis courts are for the exclusive use of Association Members who are current in their assessments and charges due to the Home Owner’s Association (“HOA”), their approved tenants and/or guests. Members are not allowed to loan their key to a non-member or bring a resident who has not paid dues to the facilities as a “guest”. Members who violate the above or violate Pool Rules & Regulations posted at the pool and listed below are subject to revocation of privileges without reimbursement.

1. NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY - SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. The HOA and the management company will not be responsible for anyone’s valuables or injuries.

2. Owners with non-swimmers in their charge are responsible for watching these non-swimmers at all times. A parent or responsible person 18 years of age or older must remain with children while they are at the pool.

3. Tables and lounge chairs may not be saved for yourself or others. Tables and lounge chairs are for members, their guests and children, who are at the pool/recreation area and not for others who may be coming, or coming back, later.

4. Swim suits must be worn at all times. Children must also wear swimsuits. Infants who are not toilet trained must wear rubber pants over swim diapers when entering the pool. Cut offs are not permitted. Any child/person found defecating in the pool will be subject to fine.

5. No glass bottles, glass containers or other breakable containers may be brought into the pool area. No beverages or food may be consumed within 4 feet of the pool edge. All trash must be discarded in the proper receptacles. No alcohol should be left unattended. Minors/anyone contributing to minors will be reported to local authorities.

6. All members, children, and guests who utilize the pool and its facilities are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable and respectful manner. Members are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests. Anyone who behaves in a manner which is disruptive, inappropriate or disrespectful of others (including but not limited to running, pushing, shoving, dunking, spitting, etc) may be asked to stop. If such actions do not stop, the person(s) may be asked to leave the pool area immediately. Warnings and requests to leave can be made by any member. The HOA requests that members report the incident in writing to the Board of Directors within 24 hours. If violations continue, pool privileges will be revoked.

7. Pets are not permitted in the pool area at any time.

8. No smoking is allowed in the pool enclosure. Ashtrays are located outside of the pool enclosure near the restrooms...please utilize them.

9. No chewing gum permitted in the pool enclosure.

10. There is a 2 guest per member limit per family. No one under 16 may be at the pool without an accompanying adult and you must be 18 years old or older to supervise children. Any group of more than 2 guests per member constitutes a party and written approval from the Board is required in advance as large groups impact use of the pool by other members. Pool parties will not be permitted this year due to COVID-19 guidelines.

11. Proper Identification for proof of residence or age can be requested by anyone at the pool. Members can show the pool key; unattended children may show a Driver’s License.

12. All Owners should assist in the enforcement of the rules and regulations. Charleston HOA Members & Wyndsor HOA members should report any issues to the Charleston HOA. (contact info is on the community billboard)

13. Pump room is off limits to unauthorized personnel.

14. Gates must remain closed at all times and are not to be propped open. Propping door open or letting people in without paid membership and key can result in loss of membership with no refund.

15. Loss of Keys:  Members must report loss of key to HOA and pay a $35.00 fee for replacement key.

16.   Damages caused by a member, guest, or child of that member will be billed for said damages at the discretion of the Charleston HOA Board.

17.  Pool floats should be able to hold no more than 2 people.  Large pool floats (pool islands) that hold more than 2 people are not permitted.

*Pool facilities are under 24-hour video surveillance.

*Charleston HOA is not liable for any injuries sustained using the HOA amenities.

*Keys and Pool Cards will not be issued every year. Once you receive your pool card & key it is the homeowner’s responsibility to keep up with the card & key for future years. (As noted above, there is a $35 fee for replacement card/ key)

*Pool card will not be issued or activated if Resident Information form is not returned.